circa 1987

I started mixing about 1988-89 with the Chuck Brothers doing house parties and stop in 1990. When I moved to Wisconsin, I got married and just collected records growning a nice collection. I came across a past Chicago music store owner that that lived nearby.

I start hanging with the Chucks again especially Ken (Afrodesia) after I moved back to Chicago in 1995. At the start of 96, I was mostly just mixing for myself & girlfriend. One day, this guy named Donnell King heard my muzic and wanted me to do a guest spot for him. That went well and so I got my own night their, so I jump right back into it with the chucks. We did parties at this club called “the Spot” on Sundays for the whole summer of 1996. A couple of years later I started doing loft parties with Mr.Bill Pee Wee and friends. Then started doing guest spots for Sisterz of Vision & Soul In The Hole while doing loft parties.

In 2000 I got a residency at “Buddha Lounge” a local night spot here in Chicago.

I then got started in making tracks and in 2001 and got signed to Fourplay Records. When I started putting mixes on various websites like Deep House Page and Bring The Heat, I then gained quite a lot of attention because of these sites.