circa 1994

A product of Jazz & Disco, I found a love for music at a young age of 12. I was introduce to House Music, and the rest was history.
Some of the mentors, that helped me mold me were Mike Brown, Brian Reaves, Lil Darren, Cee White & most important of all Boogienite (David Dean Jr).

At 19 I began a residency at Club 57. It was there that I played music with Dj Rush, Felix the Housecat and Roy Davis Jr and Johnny Evans. This Experience gave me the nick name “The One” After club 57. For some time I put mixing on the backburner and started producing. I started up again Djing after making countless tracks and edits under the guidance of Boogienite, Rahaan and others.

On New Year’s Eve at da house Spot in 2004 I filled in Djing with Rahaan, Greg Grey, Hugo H. and Mike Redman. My style is Chicago and the playground is the world.