circa 1994

A product of Jazz & Disco, my love for music blossomed at the tender age of 12. House Music made its way into my life, captivating me in its rhythm and melodies. I had the privilege of being mentored by incredible individuals who shaped me into the artist I am today: Mike Brown, Brian Reaves, Lil Darren, Cee White, and above all, Boogienite (David Dean Jr). At the age of 19,

I secured a residency at Club 57. This was an invaluable opportunity as I had the honor of sharing the stage with legendary DJs such as Dj Rush, Felix the Housecat, Roy Davis Jr, and Johnny Evans. It was during this time that I earned the nickname "The One" after my unforgettable performances at Club 57.

However, I temporarily put my DJ skills on hold and delved into the world of music production. After creating numerous tracks and edits under the guidance of Boogienite, Rahaan, and other mentors, I felt the undeniable call of the turntables once again. In 2004, on a memorable New Year’s Eve at da house Spot, I stepped up to DJ alongside Rahaan, Greg Grey, Hugo H., and Mike Redman. This exhilarating experience showcased my signature Chicago style to an enthusiastic crowd. From that point forward, the world became my playground, and I continue to share my passion for music with audiences worldwide.