circa 1993

Like most teenagers in the Chicagoland area during the vibrant 1980s, going to the mall was a typical pastime. On any given Saturday, I would head to Evergreen Plaza, eagerly anticipating my visit to JR's Music Room, where the air pulsed with the electrifying beats of a live DJ. However, one particular Saturday shattered my musical world and set me on an incredible path. That day, Farley took control of the turntables, and the humble record store transformed into a pulsating club. In that very moment, the sheer power of music enveloped me, igniting a burning desire within my soul to become a DJ. While my birth name is Darryl, the world knows me as Lucky Luciano, a moniker that symbolizes both my passion for music and my journey as a DJ. Music has always held a special place in my heart, and being a DJ has become an integral part of my identity.

In 1992, I embarked on a transformative journey to the renowned "Woods" in Maywood. It was there that I witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring DJs I had ever encountered. Their ability to seamlessly blend and manipulate tracks left me spellbound. They became my inspiration, serving as a catalyst for me to up my game if I wanted to keep pace with these musical virtuosos. Throughout the years, our shared camaraderie and genuine love for music forged an unbreakable bond, transforming us into a brotherhood of legends. It is an immense honor for me to be part of this prestigious group—I am proud to be a Chuck!