circa 1987

In 1986 I moved to Maywood IL, from The Westside of Chicago and the first Chuck Bros. I met were Ken & Ameer, we lived on the same in Maywood, were we would spend that summer learning freestyle bike tricks and wearing surfer gear, that was our style.
In August 1986, we started high school, Me and Ken’s first exposure to Deep House Music was Dennis who back then was already into the deep house music seen, and initially taught me what the deep house community was like, by taking me to my first deep house party, the Palmer House Hotel in the fall of 1987.I was blown away at what I saw there from the music to the dance and fashion sense people had there.

In my second year of high school we started getting our house gear up, and only wanted best rags. We started going to more Deep House parties and practiced dancing frequently until we became the best dancers at all the well known parties.
All of a sudden Ken(Afrodesia) got the urge to learn how to Dj which fascinated me, he later bought 12’s Technic turntables & him along with Rahaan, Dennis, practiced from the bottom up with Cee White during many sessions and hours of battles between them all to become the second generation of Very Talented Dj’s on the deep house music circuit.

We all Loved Ron Hardy and Lil Lois, and would frequently go to the Music Box/Power House and The Bismarck Hotel, if you were anyone in the house community those are the two places along with a host of other hotel parties is were you would have wanted to be. The Culture of Deep House Music brought me and these talented men to form The Chucks. We ran the dance floor at all the parties back then and later kept the torch going for Chicago & Maywood Deep House communities for many years.