circa 1987

In 1986, a significant shift occurred in my life as I relocated from The Westside of Chicago to Maywood, IL. It was during this transitional period that I had the pleasure of meeting two remarkable individuals, Ken and Ameer, who happened to reside on the same street as me in Maywood. Our shared passion for freestyle bike tricks and surfer fashion quickly brought us together, and that became our distinctive style throughout the summer. As August of 1986 rolled around, marking the commencement of our high school journey, Ken and I were introduced to a captivating genre of music known as Deep House.

It was Dennis who first exposed us to this mesmerizing realm, as he was already deeply entrenched in the Deep House music scene. Dennis offered invaluable insights, acquainting me with the vibrant Deep House community by taking me to my inaugural Deep House party at the Palmer House Hotel in the fall of 1987. The experience was nothing short of mind-blowing, from the pulsating beats to the awe-inspiring dance moves and fashion choices showcased by the attendees. During my second year of high school, our fondness for Deep House music intensified. We were determined to assemble an enviable collection of house gear and sought out only the finest attire. Our dedication to the scene led us to attend numerous Deep House parties, relentlessly practicing our dance skills until we became the talk of the town, recognized as the most accomplished dancers in these renowned gatherings.

Unexpectedly, Ken, also known as Afrodesia, developed a keen interest in DJing, a fascination that resonated with me deeply. In due course, he invested in a pair of 12-inch Technic turntables, and together with Rahaan and Dennis, engaged in rigorous sessions and countless battles under the guidance of Cee White. Their unwavering determination propelled them to become the second generation of extraordinarily talented DJs on the Deep House music circuit. Ron Hardy and Lil Louis held a special place in our hearts, and we eagerly frequented the iconic Music Box/Power House and The Bismarck Hotel. These venues, alongside a plethora of other hotel parties, served as the ultimate hotspots for those entrenched in the House community. The Culture of Deep House Music served as the foundation for our bond, leading us to establish ourselves as The Chucks. We dominated the dance floors of countless parties during that era and proudly carried the torch for the Chicago and Maywood Deep House communities for many years to come.