Cee White

circa 1990

Got the itch for mixing at the tender age of thirteen, during that time , I would go over Mike Brown’s house to practice. I remember playing my first big set at the Northlake Hotel, I did okay for a my first set out in public.

Through the years I got more deeper into the music.
Ron Hardy was a huge influence back then, the way he could control people through his sets was like magic!

I must say, my influence had spreaded to my fellow brethren(The ChuckBrothers). We would have sessions over my crib or at Afrodesia's pad into the wee hours of the morning. Mixing to me is my serenity, being able to put songs together is like painting on a canvas. Once you sit back and relish over your beautiful artwork, it becomes an obsession!

My Dad was a DJ so it comes natural to me, I thank God for my craft, and being able to share it with the World! Hopefully I can get in on some of these overseas venues with my brother Rahaan, but until then I’ll just grind it out at the local gigs. Honestly I think I’ll be spinning records up until I get arthritis or something.