circa 1994

At the tender age of 8, my musical journey began. Immersed in the world of piano and self-created musical arrangements, I nurtured my innate talent, transforming into a self-taught musical prodigy. As my skills expanded, I ventured into the art of DJ'ing, seamlessly integrating my mastery of beats with captivating lyrical finesse at numerous events. Harnessing my insatiable passion for music and leveraging my technical expertise as a musicologist, I embarked on a path to craft diverse and mesmerizing beats for a myriad of artists.

Utilizing the console as my foundation, I skillfully arranged beats that perfectly enveloped the distinct vocals of each artist I collaborated with, thus forging powerful musical alliances since the turn of the millennium. With an impressive sixteen years of musical experience behind me, I possess an abundance of wisdom and creativity to sow seeds that will sprout into magnificent works of art. My unique musical style has been heavily influenced by notable icons such as Dre, Eric Sermon, Just Blaze, and Pete Rock.

Not only am I a revered master of the console, but I have also earned accolades in esteemed beat battles. These victories granted me the privilege of acquiring top-of-the-line studio equipment and other invaluable tools that have seamlessly facilitated my musical odyssey. In June 2005, I participated in the fiercely competitive "My Beats Are the Illest" contest and triumphed as the second-place winner. Demonstrating my unwavering talent, I once again secured a prestigious position, taking third place in the contest's December 2005 edition. My production skills have been instrumental in propelling aspiring groups to the forefront of Chicago's vibrant music scene, featuring prominently in renowned venues such as the Blue Note, The Metro, and Subterranean. One of my most accomplished artists, Meta-Mo, even garnered widespread online recognition, being featured on the esteemed pages of Rolling Stones Magazine.