circa 1994

I began my rise to produce music at the tender age of 8. After years of playing the piano and creating my own musical arrangements, this self-taught musical genius transitioned to DJ’ing and using his musical skills at dozens of events with his lyrical skills. Combining my thirst for music, my technical skills as a musicologist, I began designing diverse beats for artists.

Using the console as his base and arranging beats wrapping them around artist’s specific vocals, he began to work with artists back in 2000. With sixteen years of musical behind him, I had more than enough experience to help plant seeds that will grow and foster creatively. My musical influences are Dre, Eric Sermon, Just Blaze, & Pete Rock.

I’m a producer that’s not only a master at the console, but I also won awards in beat battles, which; I won studio equipment & other tools to assist on my musical journey. In June 2005 I participated in the “My Beats Are the Illest” and won 2nd place. Then in December of 2005 I slid into third place for the same contest.

Some of the groups I produced have performed at some of Chicago’s hottest spots: the Blue Note, The Metro, and Subterranean. One of my artists; Meta-Mo, has even been featured online at Rolling Stones Magazine.