circa 1987

I was a child born in the 70's the Disco era; okay listen.. coming up in Maywood was pretty cool in my time and like every hood you had your certain peer pressures.

All I can remember is that when it hit me there was no lookin’ back. It had to be around the summer of 85, when the first wave of DJ’s to hit me and got me on the music vibe were Mike Brown, Terry Mac, Cee White (Chuckbrothers), Joe Baines, Derrick Carter & Darren Simmons. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few more great DJ’s around but, these six guys put it down every time they posted up behind tables.

Man I can remember when Corey talked me into ditching school to go over Mike Brown’s house, he had just picked up a 909 reel to reel, that’s right 909 not 808. T-Mac was coming through to make what I think to this day is the rawest edit of “Body Heat” ever made ever! I guest you had to be there!

In the summer of '87' I witnessed something that changed my life....Ron Hardy at the Box.

Man the way he was playing that damn music dropped me to my knees and picked me up in one motion and yellin ‘Alright Ronnie' while Slam Dancin, and it was at that point that me and my homies decided to crossover from dancing to spinning records.

So started an era of another group of guys dedicated to playing music. We searched everywhere we could people we knew with old records in the garage’s, basement’s, and attic’s, going out to trash bin, didnt matter we needed records!