circa 1987

From day one, the music captivated me! In those early days, I was immersed in a plethora of musical experiences. I can vividly recall playing basketball at Mike Brown's place with his brother Maurice, while grooving to the beats of talented artists like Lil Louis and Gene Hunt. Even as a young kid, the power of music left an indelible mark on me.

As I grew older, my crew, the Chuck Brothers, delved deeper into our passion for music. We sought out places like the iconic Bismarck Hotel, the vibrant Power House, the legendary Music Box, the Northlake Hotel, and the list goes on. Oh, the memories! I can recall countless incredible moments from those days. Then, one fateful day, my brother Chuck and Afrodesia (Ken) made a decision that would change our lives forever. They decided to invest in some 12-inch records and a mixer. And as they say, the rest is history.