circa 1987

Music and fashion captivated me during the late 80s. Those were the days when I reveled in going out and experiencing the vibrant party scene. Dancing became an integral part of my healthy lifestyle at that time. My journey into the realm of DJing began with spinning records, or rather, tapes. I had amassed a substantial collection of music, featuring unreleased tapes filled with classic underground Chicago tracks.

In 1989, following one of our legendary eight-day parties hosted at Booda's house, I made a decision. I invested in a mixer (Pyramid) and purchased a selection of 12-inch vinyls. Our passion for music led us to gather records from all corners, establishing the foundation of our DJ experience in the confines of "the Basement."

To streamline our collection, I meticulously constructed a record bin, organizing each LP in alphabetical order by the artist's first letter. This system facilitated swift record retrieval when needed.

Fast forward to 1992 when I crossed paths with Brian Reaves and Mike Brown. Brian, at the time, hadn't ventured into mixing, but his visit to my house left him in awe of the abundance of equipment and music on display. Impressed, he immediately dialed a friend and exclaimed, "Man, there's an incredible amount of music here, and it's all impeccably organized. I'm inspired to start playing music again!" And with that, he ended the call.

Mike, Brian, and I began collaborating on various parties, often joined by the talented Glenn Underground. In 1995, the standout event was undoubtedly the B-Side Café during the summer. I had the pleasure of performing one exhilarating night in May, leaving me buzzing with joy.

Later that summer, Rahaan returned home, and together we embarked on a residency at "the Spot" on Sunday nights. However, after a subsequent episode, I grew weary of the frenetic pace and made the decision to stop spinning altogether. I passed the torch to Rahaan, entrusting him with the equipment and my entire vinyl collection, encouraging him to shoulder the responsibility.