circa 1987

Music & fashion were what I was into in the late 80’s. I use to love going out and just party! Dancing was a healthy part of my lifestyle back then.

I first began spinning records or actually tapes first. I had a pretty good amount of music that was unreleased on tapes of classic underground Chicago traxx’s.

In 1989 I decided after one of our 8 day parties over Booda’s house to invest in a mixer(Pyramid)and bought some 12’s. We collected records from everywhere and made the base our Dj experience over my house in “the Basement”.
I built a record bin that amassed our collection and put each record in alphabetical order of artist first Letter. This made it easier to locate records.

In 1992 I ran into Brian Reaves and Mike Brown, Brian was not mixing then but he came over my house and was amazed to see so much equipment and music. He got on the phone and called someone and said; “Man, it’s so much music over here and it’s all organized, I’m bout to start playing music again” and then hung up.

Mike & Brian started doing a lot various parties that I played at along with Glenn Underground.
In 1995 the highlight was when they had the B-Side Café that summer. I played one particular night in May and had a blast. Rahaan came back home late that summer and We started a Residency at “the Spot” on Sunday Night’s. After that episode I got tired of the rat-race and stop spinning all together. I gave Rahaan the equipment and all the Wax I had and told him” It’s Your Turn, to carry the load.”